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Unequal Structures, Unbuffered Shocks, and Undesirable Strategies: Quantitatively-informed Qualitative Investigations into the Causes of Extreme Poverty in Rural Ethiopia in 2004: Alula Pankhurst and Philippa Bevan. More specifically, you can read also in the institutes and centers that cover this field of research, as well as buy a book report to have an idea about the purpose, goals and research methodologies.

The purpose of this paper, commissioned by the World Bank in 2007, was to produce a quantitatively-informed qualitative analysis of some of the WeD data to develop an understanding of the nature and causes of extreme poverty in rural Ethiopia, the dynamics of trajectories into extreme poverty and the coping strategies used by households to emerge from it and avoid it.


Power Structures and Agency in Rural Ethiopia: Development Lessons from Four Community Case Studies: Philippa Bevan and Alula Pankhurst.

The purpose of this paper, produced for the World Bank in 2007, was to show how iterative interactions between power structures and personal agents in rural communities in Ethiopia have had consequences for the personal power of community members of different 'genderages' and social status, the overall efficacy of the communities, and the trajectories of the communities in terms of reproduction and change. The findings are used to draw some conclusions for development policy and practice. The whole paper is long but sections can be downloaded separately: Executive Summary, the Paper, and the Evidence Base. There is also a short policy brief.


Migration and Rural-Urban Linkages in Ethiopia

In 2005 Irish Aid provided funding for additional research on migration and rural-urban linkages which was led by Feleke Tadele. A paper, ‘Migration and Rural-Urban Linkages’ was produced in June 2006. This paper was used to prepare a research briefing ‘Migration Briefing 1: Research’ which was circulated to invited participants from government, donor, NGO, consultant and academic circles, in a ‘Consultation on Migration Research Findings and Policy Implications’ held in the Ghion Hotel, Addis Ababa, on November 28 2006.

Workshop Programme
Philippa Bevan: Introducing the WeD Research Programme and the Ways in which it can Inform Policy (Illustrated version - large file)
Feleke Tadele: Migration, Rural-Urban Linkages and Development
Alula Pankhurst: Gender and Women’s Migration
Yisak Tafere: Migration and Youth Unemployment
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Notes made during the discussions following the presentations and in two working groups have been used to prepare a policy briefing ‘Migration Briefing 2: Policy’.

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