Oromiya Region                 Amhara Region             SNNP Region               Tigray n

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Below you can find a photo report of our ethnographic group. You can familiarize with the culture of Ethiopia, look at "real" photos taken during the research and, if you want to get your thoughts and ideas somewhere, you can write or ask for help in elite writings.

Oromiya Region
1)   Sirbana Godeti
2)   Turufe Kecheme
3)   Koro Degaga
4)   Adele Keke
Amhara Region
1)   Debre Birhan
2)   Shumsheha
3)   Yetmen
4)   Dinki
SNNP Region
1)   Aze Dobo'a
2)   Gara Godo
3)   Imdibir
4)   Adado
5)   Do'oma
Tigray Region
1)   Harresew
2)   Geblen


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