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DEEP Research Timetable

If you are also doing research on similar topics, please go to the files below. If you have any questions about this or that reason, you can contact us. Or they will turn to our partners - prime-essay.net - where you can talk about all the criteria, requirements and wishes.

Phase 1 (Early-July to early-September 2004)
Subjective Quality of Life: Exploratory project in 6 sites

Urban WIDE1 in 2 sites

Rural community mapping in 4 sites

Phase 2 (Early-September to early -November)
Integrated Individual/Household Monthly Diary: Piloting in 6 sites
Community Monthly Diary: Piloting in 6 sites
Community institutions/organisations
Elites/Destitutes Mini Pilot Module

Phase 3 (Early-November to early-January)
Integrated Individual/Household Monthly Diary: completed for 12 households in each site twice
DEEP Diary : Adults and Young People
DEEP Diary : Babies and Children
Community Monthly Diary : completed twice
Adult Lives, Module 1: Timelines : completed for 14 men and 14 women in each site
Young Lives, Module 1 : the Cultural Construction of Children's Lives.

The diary modules will continue to be completed to obtain coverage of twelve months with the last round in early October. The main fieldwork will end in early July; research modules for Phases 4-6 will be added to the website as they are designed.The urban RANQ and urban WIDE will be conducted early in 2005.